Lever Integration - Obtaining API Keys


Note: Steps for obtaining Lever keys are also part of our pre-flight form for new customers. If you are a new customer, you are strongly encouraged to start here instead.

Teamable integrates seamlessly with Lever which makes it easier to get new referrals every time a new job opens and convert these referrals into great teammates.

Enabling Lever integration means you will get more hires with less work on your side and avoid potentially awkward situations with employees referring candidates that have already been rejected.



Teamable partner key - enables us to automatically pull in your jobs and to automatically enter referrals made through Teamable into Lever.


Teamable API Partner Key (on Partner Integrations tab)

To obtain the key, you must be a Super Admin in Lever.

In the Lever dashboard go to Settings > Integrations>Partner Integrations



Find Teamable under Sourcing and activate.



Copy API key into clipboard. Click Done button. Paste the key into an email and send to cs@teamable.com.

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