Lever Integration - Obtaining API Keys


Note: Steps for obtaining Lever keys are also part of our pre-flight form for new customers. If you are a new customer, you are strongly encouraged to start here instead.

Teamable integrates seamlessly with Lever which makes it easier to get new referrals every time a new job opens and convert these referrals into great teammates.

Enabling the Lever integrations means you will get more hires with less work on your side and avoid potentially awkward situations with employees referring candidates that have already been rejected.

To obtain the keys, you must be a Super Admin in Lever.

In the Lever dashboard go to Settings > Integrations

We need two keys, both are illustrated in the animated gif below:


Postings API credentials Key - Enables us to check candidates in Teamable (aka people your employees know) against candidates in Lever to ensure no one refers someone who is already in Lever, to keep your team from having to flip back and forth between Lever and Teamable, and to update the statuses automatically of referrals made through Teamable so employees can see their progress in the tracking page.   Without this, a lot of the advanced sourcing automation that saves your team time won’t work.

Note: this key is only available in the Enterprise Edition of Lever. If you don't have that, skip to the next key.

Teamable partner key - enables us to automatically pull in your jobs and to automatically enter referrals made through Teamable into Lever.



Instructions for obtaining each below. 

 1. Postings API Credentials (on API Credentials tab)
These credentials enable us to check candidates that are already in your Lever against people your employees know and show that in the notes on each potential referrals card. This enables automatic sourcing of referrals if you so wish to enable that.  (Candidates already in Lever will be excluded).  It’s also a huge time saver on flipping back and forth when sourcing.

1a. Use these steps if you DO NOT use Lever Enterprise (if you do use Enterprise, skip to step 1b): 

 To provide this Key, click on API credentials tab:

 Click on Generate or Reset Key button.


Copy the key and place in an email to cs@teamable.com.

1b. Use these steps if you DO use Enterprise Lever:

  1. To provide this Key, click on API credentials tab
  2. Click on Generate New Key Button.
  3. Click button for "Select All" to select the permissions
  4. Name the Key “For Teamable"
  5. Click on Copy button next which is next to the Key that you are about to generate
  6. Click Done button below the list of endpoints
  7. Copy the key and place in an email to cs@teamable.com


2. Teamable API Partner Key (on Partner Integrations tab)


Find Teamable under Sourcing and activate.



Copy API key into clipboard. Click Done button. Paste the key into an email and send to cs@teamable.com.

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