How and why to 'snooze' a candidate in Teamable


Snoozing is good for deferring action on a candidate under the tracking tab for any req. The most common scenario is a candidate has messaged back saying, "happy where I am but let's check in again in x months." In that instance, you can snooze them for that period of time and then you'll get an email reminder to reach out again after they "wake up."

Snoozing is also a great way to help manage referral bonus payout for your employees. Snooze the referred candidates for the time that matches your payout criteria (e.g. 6 months of employment), and Teamable will notify you three days before so you can submit the referral bonus for the employee who referred the candidate.

Figure One: The Snooze button appears over the top right corner of a candidate's profile image.


When you click on the "ZZZ" you can choose the duration of deferment. Click 1 week, 1 month, 2 months, 6 months (or a custom time); you can also put in a note.

Figure Two: When you click on 'Snooze' you can set a note and determine how long to snooze.

Once you do that and refresh the browser (or come back later), the candidate will exist under the snooze bucket (and the "ZZZ" is green to show it's been activated).

Figure Three: The snooze button appears green once activated.



Figure Four: From the tracking tab, you can click on the snoozed bucket to see the candidates you have snoozed.



When the candidate is 3 days away from coming out of hibernation, you will receive an alert email.


Figure Five: An example of an alert email notifying you that a passive candidate in snooze is about to be reanimated.

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