How are points assigned on the leaderboard?


Every Teamable account includes a leaderboard.

Note: you can now customize which columns appear in your leaderboard, in what order, and for what value. If you are interested in changing your leaderboard from the default, described below, please contact customer success at

The leaderboard is a great way for each employee in your company to participate in the gamification of your referral based recruiting.

Many employees are hyper competitive and everyone likes to be seen at the top.

To access your company's leaderboard, log into your company's Teamable account and click on leaderboard or type the address:


Here is an example of a company leaderboard:

For everyone in the company, you can see their self-reported title, function, the total number of connections they've contributed to your Teamable instance, the total number of connections they've marked as top talent, potential referrals and bonuses (based on requests), contacted potential bonuses, CVs uploaded, number of hires they've made for the company, bonuses earned and overall points.

How are the points determined?

By default, we use a simple scoring method to determine each employee's "Teamability":

  • Each new 100 connections = 1 point
  • Each 5 candidates marked as top talent = 1 point
  • Each referral request from recruiter = 1 point
  • Each candidate identified by you = 1 point
  • Each referral request forwarded by you = 3 points
  • Each uploaded CV added by you = 3 points
  • Each person referred by you who gets hired = 10 points

So, as you can see, it's easy and fun to rack up referral points in Teamable!

What are the points good for? Well, that's entirely up to you. There are companies using Teamable who hold quarterly drawings for big prizes and others who allow their employees to trade in their points for schwag from the company store.

For Further Reading: If you're interested in learning more about how to gamify your recruiting efforts, please see:

Gamification for Employee Referral Programs ( Teamable Success Portal Note)

Or contact Customer Success and let us know how we can partner with you on your program?



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