What's the difference between Created by and Sent by on Job Lists?


Q: I updated the job owner in my ATS but it looks like Teamable is still showing a different job owner?

A: From the recruiter view, if you click on the Tracking tab, you will see who owns the job. This should be the same as the primary owner in your ATS.

Note: it takes approximately 30 minutes for changes to be reflected.

Figure One: Example of the owner for a job viewable from the Tracking tab.


However, from the Job Lists view, we are showing both Created by and Sent by statuses.

  • Created by is the primary job owner, if pulled from the ATS, otherwise the person who created the job ad hoc in Teamable.
  • Sent by is the last recruiter to send requests for that job. It could be the job owner, but it could also be anyone on the recruiting team who has the hiring leader view within Teamable who has taken action on the open req by sending out referral requests.

Figure Two: example of a job from the Job Lists view where the Sent by is different than the owner.

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