Integrating Jobvite with Teamable


When Jobvite is integrated with Teamable, Teamable automatically synchs your company's jobs and job owners to Job Lists and pushes candidates who have been emailed or passed back to the recruiter to contact. Teamable also has a listener to obtain the latest status on any candidate and display it within Teamable.

Jobvite Engage

  1. In order to connect Teamable with Jobvite, you will need to have the Jobvite "Engage" module enabled and request the following from the Jobvite Customer Success Team:
    • api_key
    • api_secret
    • comp_id
    • IMPORTANT NOTE: These keys must have access to all 3 APIs:
      1. Job API
      2. Contact API
      3. Candidate API.
  2. Once you have them, send them along to Teamable Customer Success, along with the email of the who you would like to be the default job owner in Teamable.
    • This is who owns the job in Teamable whenever the person who is the primary job owner in Jobvite has not created a Teamable account.


Custom Fields
Now you will need to create some custom fields in Jobvite.

Note: this requires Admin access to your Jobvite instance.

In the Admin view, click on Engage>Custom Fields.

    1. Click Add.
    2. Choose Type>Text.
    3. For Name type ‘Teamable Notes and Messages’ (without single quotes).
    4. For Internal Name type ‘teamable_notes_and_messages’ (without single quotes).
    5. Click Save.

Figure One: Adding Custom Field in Jobvite.


Custom Source
Next, you will create a custom source in Jobvite.

In the Admin view, click on Configurations>Sources>View Sources.

    1. Click Add Candidate Source.
      1. Type in ‘Teamable prospect’ (without single quotes).
        1. Check Display on career site
        2. Make sure radio button Can contain subitems is checked
        3. Click Submit.
      2. Type in ‘Teamable candidate’ (without single quotes)
        1. Make sure radio button Can contain subitems is checked
        2. Click Submit.

That's it! Teamable will now synchronize with your ATS approximately every half hour.


Creating Jobs in Jobvite

To create a new requisition in Jobvite, click on Requisitions>+Add Requisition.

  1. Make sure to choose ‘All Employees (Internal)’ or ‘Everyone (External)’ for the posting type in order for it to be picked up by Teamable.
  2. Click ‘Open Requisition’. 
  3. Go to Teamable and source warm intros.

Note: If you change the name of the job and update the req, it will be updated in Teamable as well. Job update tasks run ~60 mins, so every change related to jobs in Jobvite will show up in Teamable within an hour.

Figure Two: Adding new Requisition in Jobvite.

Figure Three: Seeing Jobvite role from the Job Lists in Teamable.


Adding Candidates

  1. When a candidate message is sent out by an employee to a prospective candidate from Teamable, or passed back to the recruiter to reach out to directly, Teamable pushes that prospective candidate and any notes on Teamable activity, including the message to the candidate, to Jobvite.
    1. In Jobvite, the prospective candidate will become a contact, findable from the pipeline view.
      • Simply search by name to find the candidate.
      • Figure Four: Finding a contact in Jobvite imported from Teamable.

    2. Click the name to see complete details on the candidate. In the example below, this is a new prospect with two notes. If you click on Notes, you will see the notes from Teamable that were created when the prospect was pushed to the ATS.
      • Figure Five: Reviewing notes in Jobvite passed from Teamable.

    3. To add the prospect to an existing requisition, click the ‘+ Add to Requisition’ button.
      • Figure Seven: Add to Requisition.

    4. Choose the requisition and click select.
      • Figure Eight: Attaching contact to requisition. 

    5. The contact is now an active candidate for the requisition.
    6. Figure Nine: Reviewing active candidate/applicant for the requisition.


Teamable Listener

  1. Teamable has created a listener that will update the status of the candidate as he or she moves through your Jobvite funnel. 
    • Examples of status changes in Jobvite:
    • Figure Ten: Changing statuses.


    • Examples of the status updated in Teamable to reflect the status of the candidate in Jobvite (additional details on the candidate available by clicking on the note and Jobvite icons):
    • Figure Eleven: Seeing Status change in Teamable.

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