Switching between the Hiring Leader and Employee Views


If you have been invited to join your Teamable account as a hiring leader, you will have access to both the Hiring Leader and Employee views.


Q: How do I tell which view I'm in?

A: Below are screenshots of the respective views for each type of Teamable user:

Figure One: Hiring Leader view.


Figure Two: Employee view.


Q: How do I switch views?

A: You can only switch views if you have been invited as a Hiring Leader.

Note: Anyone on your team can be upgraded to the Hiring Leader view at any time. Here's how.

To switch views, click on the arrow in the top corner next to your image and choose the other view.


Figure Three: Demonstration of switching between the Hiring Leader and Employee views.



Note: make sure you are in the Hiring Leader view if you are using the Teamable Chrome Extension. It will not work properly if you are in the Employee view.

More on the Teamable Chrome Extension here.

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