New Feature: Submit a Referral and Notify Candidate


With Teamable, it's easy for teammates to submit resumes to their hiring team.

Just click on 'Submit Referral' and fill out the form. More here.

Now, we've expanded the form by adding some additional optional fields our customers have requested:

  • You can click on the 'Send notification to candidate' checkbox if you'd like Teamable to proactively notify the candidate on your behalf that you've submitted his or her resume.

Example (note: in this case, the email was submitted on Teamable's Teamable site--your email would specify your company name):


  • You can also add additional notes for your recruiting team prior to submitting the referral.



Figure One: Introducing two new fields in the Submit Referral form: 'Send Notification to Candidate' and 'Add Note'.


Note: Recruiters also have the option of enabling additional questions for their account. This will send a subsequent email after the candidate resume is submitted. More here.

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