Sending to multiple connections at my company


Q: What happens when you see multiple teammates are connected to a candidate and you request intros from everyone?


Figure One: Example of multiple "connectors": various people at the company who are connected to a prospective candidate.


A: The request for introduction will go out to everyone you've chosen within your company. After the first person has responded, the others will receive the following message:



Figure Two: Alert message when a connector tries to contact someone who has already been contacted by someone else within the company.


By default, teammates will typically abstain from sending any additional messages to a referral candidate already in process. Occasionally, the teammate may wish to reach out anyway, particularly if they have a close relationship or think the candidate might be better suited for a different position; in which case, he or she would simple click on 'proceed' to see the suggested message to modify and send.

Note: Only the first person who responds would be eligible for the referral bonus, in cases where one is offered.

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