New Feature: Rejecting an Applicant in Teamable


It's a suggested best practice to clean up any applicants that are rejected by clicking the reject button to update their status. And now it's easier to disposition the status of each applicant in your applicant pipeline in Teamable for any applicants your employees have submitted.

Quick review: How do Applicants differ from Candidates?



  1. From the Recruiter View, click on Applicants.
    • applicants_tab.png
  2. Click the Reject button for any Applicant you wish to reject.
    • reject_can.png
  3. Click Proceed.
    • proceed.png
  4. Confirm that the applicant has been moved to the Rejected status tab.

See below for an animated gif of the complete steps:



Note: currently this functionality is only available for applicants and rejecting a candidate here will not update the candidate's status in your ATS, nor will it contact the candidate or inform the employee that the candidate has been rejected.

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