Job Owner in Teamable


Q: How is the Job Owner in Teamable determined?


A: In cases where we are connected with your ATS, we will automatically associate the owner with the req in Teamable as long as that owner has a Teamable account, otherwise, we will fall back on a default job owner, which is usually the primary point of contact at your company (however, you can let us know who you would like this to be).


In Greenhouse, the job owner displayed in Teamable is the first name listed under the Recruiters field for the Hiring Team. 


Figure One: Greenhouse Hiring Team screen showing identified recruiter.



In Lever, the job owner is determined based on the Lever Posting owner:



Figure Two: Lever Job postings screen showing the Posting owner.


You can override the job owner by clicking the setup for any job from the jobs page:

  1. setup.png
  2. setup2.png

Note: This will not update the associated value in your applicant tracking system.

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