Suggested Procedure and Text for Inviting Employees


Every company has their own unique style, but the basic formula for explaining Teamable to employees and why it's in their benefit to participate is below. To increase enthusiasm, we also suggest having a hiring manager or even a CEO send out the invite or follow up to your email voicing support.  Let them know that companies that have vocal mgmt support get 2 - 4x the return and participation in hiring activities than those that don't.  And announcing Teamable and showing the video below during an all-hands can also be useful.  Here's a 2-min video explaining it to employees:



Your Goal: 70 - 80% participation within 14 days of initial invite!

(See our article on gamification if you want to try providing some incentives for signup.)


On inviting people to your site:  you can always invite people by simply sending them the link to your unique site, which is usually in the format; however if you invite them through the [Invite] button on the upper right of your Teamable dashboard, you will be able to better track things.


Suggested Template - keep it short and simple


Subject Option 1:  Quick!

Subject Option 2:  30-seconds to help with hiring - get more bonuses


Hi Team,

Thanks to your hard work, we are growing.  And we want to keep hiring the best. Your referrals often make the best hires, but we’re all too busy to actively search through our network every time a new position opens.

So we’ve invested in a tool Teamable - that actively matches your contacts to open positions and enables you to make the referral if you feel there’s a good match.  The idea is that you help your team by finding great hires while earning referral bonuses for a minimal amount of work/brain damage.

To help out all you have to do is (30 seconds)

  1. Click on our unique account at https://company
  2. Login with your work email
  3. Import some of your contacts for Teamable to make matches with open jobs*

That’s all for now.  When there’s matches in your network for open jobs, you’ll get an email from Teamable or one of us giving you the option to make the referral/introduction and get the referral bonus if they’re hired, or let us know we should reach out instead. 




*Teamable will never contact anyone or do anything without your permission. Teamable accesses only names and contact info from the sources you explicitly opt-in to provide for the sole purpose of matching your contacts to open positions and enabling you to make the referral if you agree.  No messages to your contacts or posts to your social will ever be made without you having the opportunity to edit the message and explicitly hit [Send].  FAQ here.


Follow Up Email - from you or a hiring manager 7 - 10 days later
Subject:  Join your teammates making referrals
Hi Team,
Last week we introduced Teamable to help find the best people in your networks and make it really simple for you to refer them and get a bonus if we hire them.  We've had great early participation and referrals so we wanted to remind everyone of the link for signing up.  Signing up only takes seconds and so does making referrals once you do.  
To get started - https://[companyname]
Here's the video again on how it works. -
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