How to Add a Job to Teamable


Note: If you plan to add jobs automatically through an ATS integration, please read the following article:

How the ATS Integration Works


Adding jobs you want to fill through employee referrals or roles that you always have open and could use more leads on, such as software engineer or sales, takes just a few steps:

1.  Click on Job Lists and Create New List


2.  Put in a title, a link to the url where the job description is (optional), a referral bonus, and hit Save. Note that employees will see these positions and bonuses with suggested matches in their network when they login.


3.  Put in some search terms for that job so that when employees login, the right people from their network are suggested.


4.  Put in at least 2 - 3 jobs that reflect the population of people you are going to invite to make referrals from their network. 




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