How to Follow Up on Employee Messages/Intros to Candidates


Teamable allows you to focus your attention on high quality leads with a valuable intro from an employee, but to get the most from these leads, you must follow up.  Luckily, we've made that fast, simple and effective.

What is the optimal way to follow up with candidates?

Whenever an employee makes a referral and you are cc'd.

This is a case where speed and follow up make all the difference.  To quickly follow up:

*From your email*

Hit reply all right away with a message like the following:

Thanks for the intro.

Hi there,

The team is very impressed with your background and believes you would enjoy making an impact here.  Are you available for a brief call to discuss any of these positions [link to your job board section with the relevant positions such as engineering or sales] that might interest you and learn more about what working life is like here?

Looking forward to connecting,



Following up from within Teamable:

To help you catch up with follow ups, you can also reply directly from Teamable.

  1. Click on Tracking.
  2. Choose the role.
  3. Find the candidate.
  4. Click on 'Follow up'.

There is a default message based on email science that mentions the name of the employee who initially reached out.  You can use this with beautiful results, or you can customize and click 'Remember Message' to re-use your customized text as your template for next time.

Do not overthink it, following up professionally and in a timely manner to intros is respected by everyone. 

See how dead simple it is. You're welcome :). Pick your method, write your template, and follow up! Separates the winners from the losers. Now go get them!

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