How does your synonym search work?


One of the most powerful things in Teamable is that you can find candidates (and get opinions from your employees that know them) that haven't recently updated their skills anywhere on the web or aren't on Linkedin.  Lots of the best talent doesn't frequently update their public profiles, many titles are different but mean the same thing, and new skills are created every day so Teamable helps you make a best guess at this talent based on the correlation between certain skills and titles.

Here's how the synonym search algorithm works:

Weighting is given to three factors and one coming soon when you enter titles and skills into the search box:

  • Current title and related titles and abbreviations
  • Skill matches and related skills
  • Number of connections to people in your company (excluding alumni and current employees)
  • Coming soon: strength of relationship between the candidate and your employees


Some filters to help you narrow things down are:

  • Companies - use the analytics that show which companies your employees are most connected and thus are most like yours to narrow the search
  • Picking specific people's networks to focus on - highly recommended if you're looking for someone for a specific team
  • Excluding terms - very good for getting recruiters and managers out of your search
  • Diversity
  • Location - start typing a location and choose from the drop down


Coming soon:

Years of experience

What else?  Drop us a line and let us know


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