How does your boolean search work?


You can flip the switch on our search to do a traditional boolean search.

Our typical boolean focuses on current title and then skills anywhere that we can find them on the web - linkedin, github, stack overflow, search engine caches, conference bios, etc.  You can also request that we switch your boolean to consider past titles too, but we don't recommend that as who wants to refer someone for something that isn't progress or similar to their current title.  Putting a few skills in the search and some ORs in the title names such as ("software engineer" OR "software developer" OR "software development engineer") should do it.  (Note if you use our synonym search, you don't have to do this).

One thing that is different about our boolean search than typical is you have to press [More Filters] to find the section for companies.

Boolean can be great for super specific roles or skills and eliminating things that don't fit like NOT ("product manager" or "QA"), but you are limited to what people wrote about themselves on the web instead of being able to infer things like you can with the synonym search.

As always, remember that many filters are already applied by limiting yourself to people your employees have chosen to connect with.  And you are getting a second opinion from the employee that has connected with them so your bar for precision is much lower than typical sourcing.  With Teamable's interface, it takes less than 10 seconds for an employee to say someone isn't a fit which saves time for all.

Here's a video on sourcing and preparing lists of candidates to send to your employees for them to weigh in on and even introduce you if they think the candidate could be a great fit.  

If you want to have a quick sourcing jam with me to get to pro at this quickly, signup for a 30 minutes session with me at




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