Sourcing Jams with Your Employee(s)


For busy employees and hiring managers with great networks, it can be worthwhile to have sourcing meetings where they can fire off 10 - 20 messages in 30 minutes to the best talent in their networks for your most critical roles.  Here is a guide to making these sessions super efficient.

<Remember it can take up to 24 hours for an employees' network to be fully enriched with the over 400 public sources we mine for data on their contacts and indexed for search so invite them to take 30 second to signup and upload their contacts at least 24 hours before the meeting.  Simply send them the url to your unique site with a short explanation and they should be good to go>

In the meeting, there are several ways to efficiently go through an employees network:

1.  Have the employee pick a position they are likely to have a good network for and hit See More to go through their network

2.  Next, they can use the default search or adjust the search to be more accurate or to include previous companies they worked at or are most connected to (see the analytics tab for more on that).  Make sure to hit [Go!] to rerun the search

3.  As they see people in their network they think are high performers, even if they don't think the person is currently looking (it's good to be top of mind), they should hit [Refer] to email message them.

4.  When they hit [Refer], a default message or one written by the recruiter will pop up, which they should edit to be in their style - *note, anywhere they write the word "position", it will hyperlink to the position on the job board and this creates better engagement and conversion*.  Before sending, they should save the template or copy it to clipboard so they can use it for the next one.  One line of personalization to the candidate is more than plenty.  

5.  When they hit [Send], it will send an email from their corporate email to the candidate.  Looks like this.

6.  Now have them do that 10 - 20 more times with the understanding that if they message their contacts that their contacts are more than 10x likely to join your company over time than if a recruiter first messaged them.  Also it's flattering and a good way to keep in touch with their network.

Note:  if someone really prefers not to message their contacts, they can still be helpful by starring any contacts they believe are top talent and leaving a note for the recruiting team about them.  This helps focus recruiting time and attention on top talent and ensure the continued success and growth of your company.

While it's a lot to explain, it's really fast and easy to do so switch to employee view and try it yourself on your own contacts until you get the hang of it yourself, and then get ready to have a super productive session with your teammates that have great networks.  And don't forget to approve their referrals and follow up with the people they message to optimize conversion!

Happy hiring!






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