How to enable Okta integration (for Okta admins)


If your company uses Okta, please follow the detailed instructions below to enable Okta for Teamable.



Step 1: Open your Okta app and go to Admin dashboard.





Step 2: Click on Applications from the navigation bar and choose Applications from the dropdown. Then click on Add Applications button.





Step 3: Type Teamable in the search bar and click "Add".





Step 4: Check the checkbox to disable Okta for Teamable mobile app (we don't have it yet) and hit "Next".





Step 5: On Assign to People tab check the checkbox for "Person & Username" and hit "Next".





Step 6: Click "Done" and then click "Sign On" on the new page.






Step 7: Click "View Setup Instructions" on Sign On page to get IDP Metadata URL and send it to us at




Thank You!

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