Pre-rollout Checklist


Before you invite your company's employees to join Teamable, we recommend the following steps:

☑Login and Connect Your Networks.
Invite your recruiters into the tool as “Hiring Leaders” - follow the instructions here. Make sure your recruiters connect their networks. Teamable will then identify them as the recruiter on their selected roles

☑Watch this video with the recruiting team on how to use Teamable, including how to source and best practices on using the site and managing requests.

☑Send us a list of current employee names and emails and any recently terminated people you wouldn’t like to show in the search results.
☑Come to a decision on what messaging templates you would like to use, both from recruiter to employee and from employee to candidate.
☑Create and input templates.
☑Input referral bonus amounts for each role.
☑Review the search strings attached to each role.
☑Review and solidify rollout plan and comms - you can find language here, including best practices.
☑Double-check templates, recruiter assignments, open roles, and referral bonuses.

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