Sending Sourced Candidates for Review


So, you’ve sourced a number of candidates and are ready to send your requests to the connected employee. How do you actually send those messages?

  1. When you are ready to send your messages click Request Intro.
  2. This will bring you to the Job Setting page where you can do one final review of the details of the role, i.e. Message to Employee and Default Message to Candidate. If all the details are set, click Next at the bottom right-hand corner.
  3. You will be brought to a screen where you can select or deselect the employees to whom you would like to send the referral request. If you send the request to all of the connected employees, the employee to refer first will receive the credit. When you are ready to send the requests click Send Request(s) in the bottom right-hand corner.
  4. One more confirmation pop out will appear, click Confirm to send your message.  



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