How to Approve an Employee's Referral


Congratulations an employee at your company has made a referral! There are a couple of ways to approve referrals.

Directly in the email:

  • Teamable will send you an email when an employee make a referral. You can approve directly in the email by clicking the Approve button in the email.

In Teamable:

If you have multiple requests to respond to, you may find it easier to approve the referrals directly in Teamable.


  1. Login to Teamable
  2. Navigate to the Tracking page
  3. Any role with a red button has requests pending recruiter approval. Click on the arrow on the right-hand side to see the candidates in that role.
  4. Use the filters to show you the candidates that are awaiting approval, they are in the category of Recruiter Pending. They are identified by the red box around the referrer's information. From there click the Approve button.
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