How does 'Send for Review' work?


If you would like to have someone else in the company review candidates before warm intro request emails are sent, you can click on the 'Send for Review' button instead of 'Send Requests'.

There are several potential uses for this additional level of review:

  • A sourcer or junior team member would like a second opinion on potential candidates' qualifications.
  • A member of the recruiting team would like to get the opinion of the hiring manager (particularly useful for technical reviews).

Note: In most common use cases, we do not recommend using this feature as it introduces another potential bottleneck in your candidate pipeline. Usually the additional scrutiny is not warranted, and it's almost always better to get the warm intros first and then decide which candidates to take action on later. If you don't see the 'Send for Review' button, please contact Customer Success as it may require an account configuration change.

Otherwise, sending for review, works just like sourcing until the last step. Instead of clicking on 'Send Request(s)', choose 'Send for Review.'



Once you click 'Send for Review' you can add anyone to the To: field of the email as well as an introductory note. You can also add names to the CC: field; however, anyone in the CC field will not be able to take action on any of the candidates sent for review.

As soon as you click 'Send', the reviewer will receive an email from Teamable asking him or her to review the candidates you've chosen:


When the reviewer clicks 'See Candidates', the reviewer will have the option of accepting, rejecting, or leaving a note for each candidate.

To accept the candidate, simply click on the Accept button, Done, and Confirm.

To reject, click on Reject, Done, and Confirm.

Clicking confirm will send an email to the employee who initiated the review request.



To add a comment, click on the note icon, type in comment, click Ok. Comments are optional and can be added to any candidate either accepted or rejected.


Questions? Email Customer Success.



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