New Feature: Slack Integration


Now you can send Teamable activity directly to individuals to take action. 

Note: The option below is only available to hiring managers in Teamable and requires administrative permissions to your company's slack instance.

Integration Steps:

  1. Click on the 'Add to Slack' button. You will see the following dialogue box. 

2. Click Authorize.

That's it! Slack will send you a confirmation email:



Teamable can:

  • Confirm user’s identity
  • Add a bot user with the username @teamable


What does the Slack integration do?

Teamable sends private messages to employees via your Slack channel anytime a referral is requested.

Figure One: example of a Teamable slackbot message.

Note: Make sure your Teamable account email and your Slack account email match. If not, we will attempt to match. Or you can contact CS to link them.


If you wish to administrate or uninstall the app in Slack...

  1. go to Manage>Apps from your Slack account.
  2. Click on Teamable.
  3. Review permissions or remove app.

Questions? Email Customer Success.



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